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to keep your SURFACES & SPACES
as safe as possible from pathogens and transmission.

keep germs from spreading in transaction areas
keep rental and leased properties safe from germs
the restaurant may look clean, but germs can hide everywhere
air and surface disinfecting solutions

There are many sanitizers and disinfectants on the market today that do a great job at disinfecting and/or deodorizing (caution here - many products cover up odors, but our products DO NOT!) and may utilize toxic ingredients and/or leave a toxic or unpleasant residue and/or odor after the job is complete often requiring further clean up.


The primary active ingredient in  our products is CHLORINE DIOXIDE [ClO2] (it is NOT common bleach!).  This product has been and continues to be used worldwide for everything from neutralizing sewage spills (a "cat 3" water loss) to decontaminating hospital facilities to keeping restaurant and commercial kitchens safe (FDA approved for food contact!) to making contaminated water safe for human consumption.  Clear demonstrations of both the SAFETY & EFFECTIVENESS of these products!


You will NOT find our liquid disinfecting and deodorizing products in retail locations due to the nature of the products as they need to be activated and stored differently than 'run-of-the-mill' products.   

Our products SAFELY kill or eliminate (up to 99.99%) of viruses, bacteria, molds, mildew, fungi and organic odors.

As prior field techs, we've used many different brands and products over the years and the offered products here are what we have found to be "best in class" for quality, effectiveness, ease of use, value & safety! 

Our liquid disinfectants and deodorizers can be sprayed, wiped, sponged, brushed, mopped or flooded on surfaces and cold fogged in spaces - you control the concentration (and cost) required for your specific applications.  

Ask us questions regarding your specific applications/needs,

we're here to help.

even storage spaces can harbor germs (rodents?)
some of our products are EPA & FDA approved for public, hospital and food service operations
government facilities open to the public can harbor many pathogens
schools harbor disease-causing organisms in many places
we offer both surface and air disinfectants which make it simple to disinfect complex facilities
gathering places in the office environment can be handled with high confidence for reduced disease transfer
being together in a vehicle may be the perfect opportunity to share - infections
retail: fingers touching everything, everywhere - want to reduce opportunities for spreading disease?
have family / friends in a care facility?  reduce their chances of getting sick with our product offerings
imagine spraying your disinfectant on your food? maybe not a good idea - use ours instead, it's FDA approved for food contact
keep your customers and employees safer with our SAFER SPACES air sanitizer product
perhaps we want to limit the things we share...
a good place to carry our air sanitizer, SAFER SPACES, to reduce the pathogen exchange
ah, the joy of working together - dramatically reduce the chance for germ exchange with our air and surface disinfectants
reduce/eliminate airborne germs in proximity to SAFER SPACES
at home or on the road, stay safer with SAFER SPACES
vehicles: one of the most challenging environments to disinfect and deodorize
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