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SAFER SPACES MAX 6 Months Refill

SAFER SPACES MAX 6 Months Refill


SAFER SPACES MAX 6 month refill kit contains 4, 45 day sealed foil packets for 6 months continuous disinfecting coverage.  Order 2 weeks ahead of need or set up auto subscription which includes an automatic product discount.


    Please see PRODUCTS & SERVICES + tab on menu.


    Please see PRODUCTS & SERVICES + tab on menu.


    In a RESIDENTIAL location, place on a kitchen countertop or similar location on a permanent basic to provide coverage for the primary family gathering area.  Other units can be located in family room, living room, rec room, basement, game room, common bedroom areas, bathrooms, etc.  It is recommended not to place in small closed spaces/rooms if there is no air circulation of any kind or where elderly, children/infants or pets are confined.  Always keep units away from children and pets.

    In COMMERCIAL locations such as private retail businesses, banks, medical/healthcare/emergicare, restaurants, gyms, offices, all public facilities, etc place in reception areas to minimize pathogen transfer, place in waiting rooms, in entry/exit areas, in private and group office environments, throughout gym spaces, at transaction stations, checkout areas, counters, etc.

    To increase viability/efficacy consider supplementing with SKIN GUARD to protect the hands against pathogen transfer for both employees and customers/guests and COVERSHIELD to coat surfaces with a long-term persistent pathogen-resistant, permanent coating.

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