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DeOdorPRO 25

DeOdorPRO 25


Powerful gas deodorizer.  Shipped dry in foil sealed pouch.  Activate with hot tap water in packaged tray.


BEST ODOR ELIMINATOR/NEUTRALIZER for mold/mildew, odor caused by bacteria, smoke & tobacco, fire damage & smoke infiltration, fungi, musty odors, paint & VOC’s, fuels, pets & animals including skunks (not on live animals), urine, intense or lingering cooking & food odors, vomit, garbage, septic & sewer, floods and backups, etc.  Depending on the situation may be best utilized WITH a 2 stage process of using a liquid deodorizer treatment - LIQUASAN first - then further supplemented with gas DeOdorPro to finish the process.  We have found it best to use up off the floor/base, centrally in the space, on a baking tray or similar with a shop cloth/towel under the dispenser tray.


This size works best for small enclosed areas such as a small vehicle, under cabinets, closets, enclosed pet areas (with pets removed during treatment!), small bathroom, etc.  Challenging areas may require more than 1 treatment.  Note: chlorine dioxide gas is flammable, make sure area being treated does not contain sources of ignition during treatment.


    Sizing recommendations for residential & commercial spaces with normal deodorizing requirements
    (for ceiling height 8'-0")
    25g pack ~ 250 sf or small to mid-sized vehicle
    or up to 2,000 cu ft or small boat compartments
    50g pack ~ 500 sf or large to SUV sized vehicle
    or up to 4,000 cu ft or medium sized boat compartments
    100g pack ~ 1000 sf or special use or up to 8,000 cu ft or larger boat compartments


    Please see PRODUCTS & SERVICES + tab on menu.


    Please see PRODUCTS & SERVICES + tab on menu.


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