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LiquaSan  LD-400

LiquaSan LD-400

SKU: LD-400

LiquaSan thoroughly destroys most organic odor-causing contaminents and cleans enclosed areas without damaging components like ozone often does.  Shipped in individual dry packets which are activated when placed in cold tap water.  Activated product is a liquid.  Follow instructions to deodorize and cleanse enclosed spaces (see detailed product instructions).  Keep from bright light especially direct sunlight the room/area/vehicle/etc throughout entire deodorization process.  Best temperature range for treatment area is above 50F, above 70F is optimal.  Spray, fog, wipe or flood area/equipment according to specific product instructions.  Moving air at low speed throughout treatment area will be more effective.  Final cleaning, wiping or rinsing of treated area is normally not required.  Be aware that active liquid product is neutralized in direct sunlight. 


Use on wood, tile, concrete, canvas, porous & non-porous surfaces & fabrics that can be cleaned with water.  If using on fabrics, always do a colorfast test in an inconspicuous area.  Store in a dark, cool, insulated container (picnic coolers are great).


LiquiSan offers the consumer chlorine dioxide in a liquid form for deep penetration into porous surfaces where odors are trapped. It can be used on any and all substrates in autos, RV’s, boats, homes, hotels and storage spaces to neutralize virtually all odors.


LiquiSan is often used as a pre-treat prior to a DeOdorPro GAS treatment.


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    Sewage cleanup ("cat 3" water loss), storm damage, mold and mildew mitigation, fungus neutralization, deodorizes bacterial and viral odors, neutralizes smoke and most common organic odors, etc

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