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Skin Sanitizers

We honor your decision on your choice of hand sanitizers as most use alcohol-based products and there are hundreds, if not thousands of products available.  The FDA has approved only 3 ingredients for use in hand sanitizers sold in the USA.  They are 2 types of alcohols and the healing and sanitizing product found in SKIN GUARD which is benzalkonium chloride.  This product is incorporated into a patented silane matrix in the patented SKIN GUARD and instead of providing 1 to 2 minutes of forward protection as some alcohol sanitizers provide,  SKIN GUARD provides 4-8 hours of forward protection as verified by laboratory testing which includes up to 8 interim handwashings.  For these reasons, SKIN GUARD is the only product we offer for hand/skin sanitizers.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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